About the Cambridge Boathouses art series

These images are a combination of Sara’s photography and Naomi’s drawing and painting – we had come across each other’s work a few years ago, and both liked what we saw. There was a mutual appreciation of our similar eye for unusual composition, and our shared delight in detail. We knew we wanted to work with each other, but it took a while to find a project that inspired us and felt right. Sara loves living right on the River Cam near the Boathouses, and Naomi has always had a soft spot for their quirky, light-hearted architectural spirit. We both love the idea of creating a set of artworks in a series, too. 

To create these unusual and unique images, we worked together initially to settle on the composition we want. Our colour and atmosphere choices affect the time of year that the photos can be taken – whether we want the water still, or the trees not in leaf so the building can be seen more clearly. We also allocate which sections of the image will be Sara’s photograph, or Naomi’s painting, although this has sometimes changed during the process. 

Sara then captures our perfect photograph. This can take many visits, and involves being aware of the ebb and flow of people on the river. Once the high resolution photo has been taken, Naomi works to draw and paint her allotted section. The advantage of this way of working is that unwanted elements, such as scaffolding, can be edited out by Naomi’s drawing.

The final part of the process is for the painting to be scanned and merged into the photo. This is mainly Sara’s domain, as she has all the wizardry, but Naomi sometimes makes herself useful with an extra artistic eye.

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